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Scituate Seniors Section:

Do you know that more than 50% of Scituates population is considered to be in the senior population?  Are you one of them? 

So what's happening with the senior center? Good question you might ask. The town's Board of Selectmen/women have decieded on 3 possible locations. These 3 will be on the ballot at the next upcoming Town Meeting. Hope to see you there to hear your concerns. 



 Scituates Unsung Heroes Wall of Fame

On our FB group Scituate Monthly we've run a few contests over the last couple of years for the Scituate's Unsung Heroes Awards. The idea has taken off. So we've decided to list the winners here on our Wall of Fame. (Coming Soon). The 2018 Unsung Heroes Contest is coming up soon.  StayTuned.