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Thanks for your inquiry regarding placing your business advertisement on our rapidly expanding website and popular Facebook group. Samples below are our 2 sized templates. Which can be customized with your specific text and supplied logo. Each advertisement will link back to your web site. We will provide end of term analytics to determine that the ad is cost effective for your business. We suggest that you use a great call to action (CTA)  to challenge the reader to click your advertisement. Such as 20 % off this month only or Free something, to capture the readers attention to your product or service.  If you would like to discuss some ideas with us we would love to chat with you further. Use our contact form.

Small 300px x 150px ( NO Longer Available)


Large 300px X 300px

300x300 largeAd

Top Banner


Rates:   Contact us for the rates.

Notes: Please submit artwork along with contact information via email so we can design and upload. ScituatemonthlyThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Additional questions let us know as well. ** Please be advised that all paid advertisement money is donated to either the Scituate Food Pantry or as of May 2016 the Scituate Animal Shelter.  Thank You!

The Large ad will also cross post onto the Scituate Monthly facebook group 2 times per month.

The Banner ad will cross post to the Scituate Monthly facebook group 3 times per month. 

Please reachout to us to discuss which size will work best for your business. * See the Contact Form above.